Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Ride?

The new Trek Fuel EX7 arrived at Xtreme Wheels. I was there when the bike was unloaded from the truck.

One of the first things Zach noticed and remarked to me, was the lighter bike and wheels.

Zach assembled the bike, and I was the first to ride it.

As you see from the photo, I was not expecting the bike being delivered today. After a quick ride around of the parking lot, I headed home for my helmet and riding clothes.

I rode in the area on the paved paths. I did not have my heart monitor on; it was getting a little windy for a test ride over to Manawa without the monitor.

Really looking forward to testing on singletrack. I was planning to test it Saturday after the trail day - weather and trail conditions permitting. The trail work has been canceled. So, lets see what the weather brings - if I can test ride in within of the next couple of days.

From what I have ridden, there a couple of things that will have I would have to get used to (or changed). The biggest thing I noticed (and had talked with Blaine before it was ordered) was the higher bottom bracket. You ride higher, which resulting a more "lay over the handlebars", prone position. Blaine said that if needed, the handlebar height or headset could be changed.

All-in-all, an impressive bike.

Now, if I can only get my car repaired before the weekend...

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