Sunday, January 18, 2009

Short Sunday Ride

After breakfast, I headed to Manawa for a short ride. My legs are still tired from the ride yesterday, but wanted to worked them a little. Also, I wanted to check out my new studded tires on the hardtail.

The snow at Manawa was crunchy when I started riding. Had about 15-20 psi air in the rear tire, probably about 25 on the front. Needed to add little air to the rear brought it to about 25 psi. That seemed to work pretty well on the singletrack.

After 4 miles on singletrack, I rode up to the paved bike trail. The studded tires seemed to do their job. I had good traction on the snow/crunchy snow/ice. Surprisingly, I felt that I had pretty good traction also on bare pavement.

Now, I was not riding very fast - but who wants to ride fast on ice (I do not plan to race the bike on the ice). I want to be able to safely lengthen the riding season. Watch for more comments as I ride more with these tires.

I plan to ride again tomorrow morning. Word is that a unorganized group ride will happen tomorrow morning (8:30) at Lake Manawa.

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