Saturday, January 17, 2009

Very Tired

WOW, I am tired after the ride today. Tired in a very good way - body is tired (specially legs) but mind is energized.

I rode 11 miles in the snow at Manawa on the Fuel EX7. That was an hour and 49 minute ride (about 2 hours with stopped time), a long singletrack ride for me. The average 6 mph pace was pretty good for me, too.

When I got home from breakfast, I saw on Facebook that others will be riding at Manawa today. I hightailed it back to town to ride. Several others out riding today. The trail was in good condition, though starting to get soft.

Stopped by Xtreme Wheels to welcome them back from their holiday vacation. I learned that trainers were in and looks like spinning classes start Tuesday (watch the Xtreme Wheels Blog).

Hoping to ride at Manawa tomorrow morning (after breakfast). Rumor has it that a group is planning to ride Monday morning 8:30 am at Manawa.

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