Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Singletrack, Snow, Night Ride

Previously, I have been riding singletrack at Manawa; I have ridden there in the snow; and I have ridden there at night (with handlebar light). Tonight's Thursday Night Ride, for the first time I was able combine all in one ride.

Needed to get out and ride today. Meeting up for the TNR to pick up a Trail Group display board was just the excuse (as if I need an excuse to ride) I needed. I was there early to get in a warm-up ride before dark.

Some nine of us rode. They are all much faster and better riders then me, but I had a good ride. Made a full lap after dark. Stopped several times to take photos (yes, that is the same tree that I parked my bike at for the previous photo).

Trail condition was snow covered ice, with spots of grease. My hardtail with studded tires performed great.

After 11+ miles and just short of 2 hours, I ended up with a slight headache. That's probably from the concentration needed to ride in the woods, in the snow, at night. For me, every new accomplishment makes me stronger.

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