Saturday, January 3, 2009

Xtreme Winterfest Bike Ride

Today was the 7th Annual Xtreme Winterfest Bike Ride sponsored by my friends at Xtreme Wheels Bike & Sport and the Council Bluffs Parks & Recreation Dept. It was NOT my first ride of the year (I got out an rode New Years Day). It was the first ride in the bicycling calendar.

The ride started from the Western Historic Trail Center and ended up at the Riverside Grill. The weather was "damp" - constant mist with temperature of 36 deg. Not the best conditions - but could have been worse.

Some folks rode from Omaha and around CB, stopped at the Riverside Grill, before heading home. Several rode on up to the Bob Kerrey Bridge. Others (like me) just rode up to the restaurant and back to the trail center. I was damp enough when I got back!

Bill (Xtreme Wheels) estimated some 70-75 riders participated. Pretty good attendance with the nasty weather!

Photos I took of Xtreme Winterfest Bike Ride can be found (and ordered - hope that works) at

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