Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I have a "do over"?

This morning, I headed to the Foothills area to ride singletrack. As I was checking out the trail, I met Todd - previously from Bellevue NE! We chatted a little and he suggested I ride the ski slope.

Anyway, I headed out on foothills trail 365. Today's photo is of that trail - about a mile from the Montgomery Rd Trailhead. Just as I was feeling good about riding this rocky section, I realized my rear tire was going flat. I realized it was no slow leak - I decided to walk the bike back to the car.

On my way to the bike shop, I stopped by Jiffy Lube, since my car needed that service. The service advisor spoke very fast. Had problems even when asking him to slow down. Of course, he wanted to sell me all kinds of extras. Never will use Jiffy Lube again. By the time I got out of there, I had a headache.

Next stop was at Fat Tire Cycles. I told them my problem and Ed explained to me about the "goatheads" - little thorns that puncture tires in the area. The plant is also know as Puncture Vine and Tribulus terrestris. Ed suggested new tubes the thicker walls and slime inside. He installed the new tubes. Thanks, Ed.

By now it is now too hot to ride up in the foothills area. Went to the hotel and thought about riding at the ski slope. Searching the web, I found that they will only be open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Next idea was the Botanical Gardens since that is just a block from my hotel. Killed a couple hours at the gardens and Aquarium. Took several good photos.

Finally, drove around to the other side of Sandia Peak. There were questions about the ski life opening. The web site said that it will be open July and August for Fri, Sat, Sun from July 7th. Of course, the phone numbers do not allow speaking to a real person. They are just recorded messages and a menu tree. Drove on up to Sandia Peak Crest. Took a couple photos and headed down to the hotel.

While up at the foothills trail area, I got a phone call from Craig - a fraternity brother. We are planning to getting together tomorrow evening.

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