Monday, February 1, 2010

Black Hills Fat Tire Festival

Information of the 4th Annual Black Hills Fat Tire Festival is up on their web site. Disappointed to see that this year they are again doing the Mickelson Ride on Saturday/Sunday. This denies Mickelson Ride folks time to visit the vendors, demo a bike, and watch any of the races.

The other problem that you don't have a chance to sign up for a Monday morning ride. Last year the easier ride(s) on Monday were (apparently) canceled by that morning. Started to make a ride, but when I could not keep up just climbing the muddy hill before the singletrack, I gave up.

IF I attend this time, it will be to see my friends, and take photos in the Badlands and Black Hills. It would be nice to complete the Mickelson. But not sure I want to use the whole festival to do it. Also, never got my "Beer-Muda" t-shirt that year (was told they did not arrive.) Looking forward working more with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

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