Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday morning I got a great surprise - my INR jumped up to 2.2! The surgeon came in to tell me that I could go home. Of course, had to complete the other test about noon. Oncologist came by, the paperwork was completed, and I was on my way home.

Got home about 3 in the afternoon. Did not even stop in town to buy groceries - just wanted to be home.

Got a pretty good night of sleep (just used some Tylenol) Got up early and headed to Panera Bread for bagel & coffee.

Busy day today. Restock groceries. Pick up mail, call doctor offices fro prescription and appointments, and hopefully stop by the bike shop.

Doctors say I can ride my bikes. The problem is loading the bike on the car. The hospital gave me a lifting weight restriction of 10 pounds - more than any of my bikes! The Doc yesterday said "no heavy lifting".

We are supposed to get some snow today, anyway. Maybe I will have to just bundle up tomorrow a take a walk in the woods. Just to the same as riding my bike.

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