Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Snow Ride of the Season

I was getting antsy yesterday. Some of my cycling friends were riding in the snow at Manawa. My "snow bike" was in the shop for new chain and cassette, changing tires to studs, and swapping pedals (clipless to combo), so I was not able to ride with them. The bike was done late in the afternoon, a bit envious that I had not been able to ride with them. (OK, I could have, it meant a full suspension bike but no studs.)

After Sunday Coffee, I was ready for a ride. Put together a winter, snow riding kit and headed to Lake Manawa with the Hardtail.

Once again, it was like learning to ride again! Took it easy to get used to the snow trail. Started with West Sidewinder. Then both trails on the West side. Finally, ended up with East Sidewinder. That was enough for the first snow ride of the season.

It may sound like it was a wimpy ride (4+ miles in about 50 minutes) but that was enough for today.


Stratomatic said...

Good to hear you got out to the Manawa trails. I had to take a break on Sunday. Two days of riding in snow did me in. Hope to ride with lights on tonight. With warmer temps it might be a paved ride.

Anonymous said...

I rode there last Saturday, about 7 miles worth. What a blast! After the melting and refreezing, and now this new snow that came down Thurs/Fri, is it very rideable now???

All Weather Fool