Friday, December 10, 2010

Miles Not Accumulating Very Fast

Its December. Living in Iowa, we are happy for any decent riding weather we get. Have to take advantage of days like yesterday - mid 40s, mostly sunny, and a slight breeze from the West.

I headed into town for a bike ride. Parked near Xtreme Wheels. Rode my "Tour de Bluffs" route. Logged another 22.6 miles.

The Missouri River seems to continue dropping. Good news, we don't want more flooded trails. I need to air the tires in the Fuel EX7 to checkout the trail at Lake Manawa.

Along Veterans Memorial Highway (Iowa Rt 92), the trail blocked. Construction company boring a horizontal hole under the roadway. Looks they may be at this for a while. Take care when riding this short section off trail.

Stopped in at the Trails Center - restroom, sign guest book, mid-ride refreshments. Restrooms are few and far between in the winter. On the "Tour" the portable facilities are removed for the winter at the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park and Big Lake. That leaves me the Trails Center (but don't count on it on Mondays and holidays) and the bike shop.

Over the last week, I finished writing my Christmas Letter. It is starting to show up in e-mails. Over the weekend snail mail. Normal breakfasts and coffees. And the first Christmas Party of the season - Thanks Roxzanne and Ryan.

See if my legs want to ride this afternoon. Then its Second Friday Art Tour in Council Bluffs.

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