Friday, December 3, 2010

Made it - 2000 Miles

The last 2 1/2 weeks has been rough for me --- no bike rides. Yesterday, I finally broke the streak.

Sunny day, temperature in the low 40s, but a bit windy from the North. Forecast is that the weather will be going down the tubes over the next week. Had to ride.

Headed out from Xtreme Wheels North to Big Lake. The photo above is my road bike on the marshland observation bridge at Big Lake. Continued riding Iowa Riverfront Trail to the Western Historic Trails Center.

Being it Thursday, Jam and Bread was in full swing. I stopped for a granola bar and bottle of G2.

The new paving on the Western Historic Trail is completed. When I got to Indian Creek Trail, I had a decision - South to Lake Manawa or North back into town. Since I needed 22 miles to make my 2000 miles for the year, I opted for the ride down to Manawa.

The Missouri River level has continued to drop - great to see that.

By now, the wind seemed to pick up. Just in time for my ride into the wind. I grabbed a shot block to suck on, and headed North. Since I had forgot to bring the heart monitor, I took it easy. The climb up the bridge on Harry Langdon was brutal. Once I dropped down to South Ave, I know I had it without bonking, with some legs left (but not much).

Relaxed a little at the bike shop and headed home. Mission Accomplished - 2002 miles for the year! Nothing like the 3355 miles I ended up last year, but a good effort with the weather, floods, and treatments.

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