Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ride on the Bosque

Overcast and rain most of the day yesterday. Was good weather to process photos and figure out why could not get internet. Sometime Friday night at the motel, I lost internet connection to my laptop. Could connect via the tablet. The short story is that the motel ISP had to reset their server/modem.

This morning had brunch at the Range Cafe with cousin Don. Great to catch up on family. Offered to ride with me, but he was doing work on his briar pipes.

Awesome day for a bike ride. Was not ready to do any climbing today, so rode the "Bosque" (Paseo del Bosque) from Central Ave to Paseo del Norde and back. Sunny 59 degrees when riding.

When I got to Paseo del Norde, I knew I could make it to the end at Alamedia - but also knew i would have to pedal into the wind on the way back to the car. Glad I turned back when I did. A couple times I hit some strong head wind. Enough that i was wondering if i could make it back to the car.

I dropped a couple gears and toughed it out until the wind abated a little. My legs will thank me once I get horizontal in the bed.

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