Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raspberry Pi

Over the last couple years, I have been looking at some electronics projects. Have the micropic kit. One of the problems is that the development kit needs running on Windows XP - my new laptop runs Windows 7. Another issue is the programming - in assembler.

This fall I started looking at the Raspberry Pi single board computer. The credit card sized board runs Linux as operating system. I have been playing with lunux for several years - so should be able to get things running quickly.

Raspberry Pi can run programs in python. That's great, since the programs can be ported from Linux to windows to OSX.

Found a US supplier for Raspberry Pi. Before purchasing the device, I picked up the user's guide and spent some time reading. I would be interested in developing a interface to trigger my cameras. Looks like it will do the trick.

Downloaded the operating system.

Ordered my Raspberry Pi with case, AC adapter, SD card, and connecting cables. Looking forward to receiving the device.

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