Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Ride in 2013

Recently, I have just not had the drive to get out and do anything. Spending most of the day on the computer and watching TV. This week were are getting our January Thaw. First couple days I used the excuse that it was too windy and raw.

Yesterday, I did not have that excuse. While in was only 40, there was filtered sunshine and basically NO WIND. Had to get out a ride.

Was thinking of riding earlier in the week, so had the tires aired up on the hardtail. That's my ice bike - with flat pedals for my boots and studded tires for icy patches on the trail.

Parked at Wabash Trace Trailhead and headed down the Lake Manawa Trail. The studded tires slowed me down lots, but felt good to be out to ride. Was not sure how far I would make it before my legs fail. When I made it to Indian Creek Bridge, I decided it was time to return - while I still had legs left.

Saw 2 other bicycle riders and a walker on the trail yesterday. Trail is mostly dry with some wet or icy spots (see photo - this was one of the worst sections).

By the time I reached 2 miles left in my ride, I was glad that I had turned back when I did. The last couple little climbs out of the underpasses were rough.

Hungry, I stopped Freddies for some food. Water main break so no fountain lemonade - had a sandwich, fries, and bottled water. Stopped in at the bank to streighten out some mortgage payment problems.

Some groceries on the way home. By then, I was exhausted. One more think I had to do - was missing my wallet. Drove back to town. Found it along the seat of the car when I got in town.

Now I was really tired. Crashed into bed when I got home. Legs and body still complaining this morning.

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