Friday, March 15, 2013

Snow Almost Gone

After coffee yesterday, I spend most of the day working on updates to my web site.  I ventured out to get the mail. The day had turned out warm, sunny, and almost no wind. Too late for me to get out for a bike ride.  Forecast was for good weather today, so was not going to miss the opportunity.

Sticking my head out the door about noon, it looked (and felt) good for riding.  Kitted up, loaded the hybrid on the car rack and headed to the Wabash Trace Trailhead.

Rode the Lake Manawa Trail to Indian Creek bridge.  Was looking for birder/photographer "Tom".  Did not see him. Turned up Indian Creek Trail.  Riding against the breeze here.  On to the Veteran's Memorial Trail.

Some debris from snow plowing piled up on the trail surface in front of TSC. Today's photo was taken on the way back along the railroad tracks heading to the tunnel.  This was the most snow/slush remaining on the trails.  Everything else I rode today was clear and mostly dry.

Had just the right layers on for the ride.  Lots of folks out today for a bike ride or walk. 

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Matthew Scott K said...

Beautiful. Got to love the spring time rides.