Thursday, March 7, 2013

RPi Up & Running

Since I basically got my taxes done (just clipping together, into an envelop, and deliver to the tax guy), had some time to initialize my Raspberry Pi.  The monitor here on the office desk has both VGA and HDMI inputs.  Normally, I use the VGA, which leaves the HDMI for my RPi.

With all of the computer "stuff" around the house, no problem finding USB keyboard and mouse.  Had purchased the 1 amp power supply when I bought the RPi. 

In the top photo, I will identify the connections:

On the upper/left edge of the board you can see the SD card (sticking out on the underside of the board).  To the left is the micro-USB power connection (same one used my my cell phone).  The larger cable on the lower/left of the board is HDMI monitor connection.  The blue cable on the lower/right corner is my ethernet connection.  Finally, on the same side are the USB connections for the mouse and keyboard.

I had initialized the SD card and "wheezy" Raspian operating system.  So, when I powered things up, Raspberry Pi booted.  Following directions on the web site, I was able to set up the system running.  Success!

My experiences with Linux distributions me be giving me problems.  Raspian is a stripped down version.  Here's a couple things that have been giving me problems:

The initial User ID and Password are "user" IDs, not root.  It appears that the root password is "enter", just enter at the password prompt.

The only way I have been able to get to "root" has been the menu item "root terminal".  Linux command "su" or "sudo" has not been getting to root.

Attempts to adding a second user id end up with an error.

Updating and upgrading the software is done from the terminal (text input).  There is a menu item for  Aptitude (the Debian package management system), but entering my user id and password causes an error.

The weather is supposed to be shitty this weekend (cold and rainy).  Looks like will be good time to spend some more time with the RPi.

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