Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Late Winter Snow

Last Thursday was the "big" snow storm of the season.  Early forecast was for a for or more.  That was scaled down to 8-12".  Eventually, we got about 8" - the bottom end of the forecast.

True - it was a nasty storm - but the bulls-eye was south of us.  Oklahoma and Kansas got walloped.  Better there, than here.

I stayed home Friday during the storm.  From a walk out after the snow, I could see that the road was passable, though not plowed (see photo).  Did not plan to shovel the drive - just drive on through the snow. Sometime in the afternoon, one of my neighbors came through and scraped the drive - leaving me a clear path to the road.

Was supposed to get more snow first of the week.  That kept being delayed.  So far, the storm has again stayed south.  Nothing here, except for warmer temperatures and melting (no complaints there!)

Overcast and highs in the mid/upper first half of the week (still melting in the afternoons).  End of the week is forecast into the 40s and sunny - that should get us rid of the rest of the snow. 

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