Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend then Home

Saturday was an errand day. Needed a day off the bike and not tourist plans. Did some shopping and started re-packing for the trip home. Met cousin Don for food and beers at Billy's Long Bar.

Spend this morning recovering and packing. Yesterday was sunny and mid 50s. Today was low 50s and cloudy. I should have ridden yesterday. Instead, I waited to ride today.

Plans were to ride "The Bosque". Knew the parking lot at Central would be packed, so drove south. Parking lots at "Tinley Beach" were full. Ended up parking just south of the Zoo. Ride down to Rio Bravo.

I noticed that the trail had recently re-surfaced. Much better condition that last I rode that way. There, the trail was closed for construction. Turned around the head back to the car. I was a little cold - should have used heavier gloves and another layer on the core. Anyway, logged in 7 miles.

Late lunch at Applebee's and spemt the rest of the afternoon packing. Took a little break to process photos of today's ride.

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