Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liesurely Ride on the Lake Manawa Trail

A little remiss blogging about my ride last week. Wednesday was about the only day that was warm enough and not windy, conducive for a bike ride. Aired up the tires on the hybrid and loaded the bike to the car rack.

A chilly breeze was blowing from the SW. Temperature did not feel the 50 degrees that the thermometer indicated. Headed down the Lake Manawa Trail and see how far I decided to ride. A little before I reached the Indian Creek bridge, I ran across "Tom" - a bird watcher & photographer. We had stopped and visited previous (at almost the same place on the trail).

Tom told me he was planning to shoot some photos of the eagles that are now calling Lake Manawa State Park home. That peaked my interest. Continues my ride to the bridge and turned back towards the trailhead.

In no special hurry, when I caught up with Tom again, I rode with him (he's on foot). He's still shooting film (slides) with a Canon EOS. Planning to get some photos along the E side on Lake Manawa. Made plans the meet with him after I finish my ride.

Decided to take a little side ride on the Nature trail. (see photo). Noticed several large bird nests high in the trees along the nature trail.  Pedaled on to the car and loaded the bike on the rack.

Thought I might have missed Tom since it took a little longer for me to get back to the car and load the bike. Thought I might have missed him, but found him at the place expected. Watch the eagles and visited a little. Gave him one of my calendars.

Didn't ride many miles but sure had a enjoyable afternoon. Topped it off with a visit with Blaine at the bike shop.

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