Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turquoise, Pecos, and Capulin

Long day on the road yesterday. Not many miles - lots of hours. Headed out of Albuquerque west and north on the Turquoise Trail. I was too early to stop in any shops. Did take a couple photos in this eclectic area.

Main stop for the day was Pecos National Historical Park. Stopped in at the Visitor's Center. They had desk copy of trail guide. Took that and drove up to the ruins. Was surprised that I was able to walk the whole top trail - with some rest breaks. The photo with this posting was taken at Pecos.

Back at the Visitor's Center I returned the trail guide and purchased a couple books (evening reading material) about the area and the ruins.

The original plan was to drive to Raton, NM and settle in the Quality Inn. But, it was only 2pm when I got to Raton, so decided to drive over to the Capulin Volcano. I was going to visit Capulin Volcano National Monument today (Tuesday). Anyway, checked in at the Visitor's Center and drove the road up the cone.

I could have hiked the cone trail (there was a couple doing that). But, with the altitude and the 2 hour hike at Pecos, I thought better. Took some photos at the summit. Back down, over to Folsom, NM. Interesting drive on highway 72 from Folsom to Raton.

Checked into my hotel. Started processing photos from the trip. Took a break for dinner at K-Bob's Steakhouse. Productive and exhaustive day.

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