Thursday, July 18, 2013

Driveway Re-worked

The driveway has been getting pretty bad - specially at the end where it meets the road.  Combination of packing from driving over it for years and the county adding more gravel on the road, there was a low spot there.

Of course, the spot filled with rain water.  It would be muddy.  A pain.  So, when a guy came by the house yesterday, looking to repair the driveway - I was all ears. 

We talked for a while and eventually he gave me a price ($450) for the end of the drive to the road.  Grading, layers of stone and "oil", and rolling.  He was offering to do the rest of the driveway, as long as he had enough material on the tank.  Keep saying - "we will do a good job for you".  But could not pin him down on a price.  I wo;ld him I needed prices, I was not going to give him a "blank check".

The crew started on re-working the drive.  I stopped them when they were cutting too much away from the grass.  Though there was gravel under the grass -- it was an old field road - and I did not want the area into a drive.

Anyway, they did what they could to restore the area.  Then went to work on the rest of the drive.  Graved the whole think from the concrete apron to the road.  Feathered the transition to the road.  Then started layers of "oil" and stone, rolling in the stone after every layer.

When that was done, the boss (previously I was dealing with the "salesman"), it was time to see what deal he was going to offer me to finish the job.  All the time, the "salesman" said they were hoping there was enough material to finish my drive.  I asked the boss, did they have enough to finish the drive and what would be the price.

He checked the tank - and said they had the material.   We haggled on the price for a while and eventually settle.  So, I have a re-worked drive.  Looks much better.

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