Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tough Making it Back to the Car.

Whew - glad I made it back to the car.  Think I bit off a little too much yesterday with my bike ride.  But, with the weather, I had to get out and was not paying attention.

Low 70s, sunny, and a breeze from the North at 1 pm - end of July!  Drove down to Silver City.  Was not sure how far South I would ride.  After all, I was only at about 200 miles for the year.

The first goal was to make it to the Silver Creek Bridge.  Made that without any problem.  Stopped for water and a couple photos.  One to 305th St.  When I got that far, I figured I had the energy to do the distance to Malvern and have enough left to ride back.

Was glad to make it to Jahnke Road and the pavement.  Nice, easy rolling on into Malvern.  Stopped at the depot to drink my bottle of G2 and eat a granola bar.  Snapped this photo while resting.

As I turned around to head North to my car, I realized how windy it was out in the open.  At that point, I figured I might have some problems at a couple sections of the trail.  Stopped a couple times to rest and stretch my legs.  My arms were bothering my, too.  Think my saddle had tilded down a little during my last ride - putting more stress on my arms. 

Made the normal rest stop at the Silver Creek Bridge.  Had a swig of water, popped a Shot Blok in my mouth and headed back up the trail.  I knew I could have problems with the little climb up the hill from Gaston Rd and North. Took a breather and climbed back on the bike.  Was slow going (5.5 mph) up that little grade. 

The worst places were about 100 ft before the trail breaks out into the open.  The trees created a wind tunnel effect.  Took it easy and eventually made it back to the car.  Drank most of the water I had in the car and popped another Shot Blok in my mouth.

Was exhausted when I got back.  Drank lost of water (even though it was not very warm) and a quart of PowerAde.  Spent most of the evening in bed stretching the sore legs.  Don't think I will be riding this afternoon.  OH - my log went over 200 miles for the year during the ride.  The ride was about the slowest ride for the year - at 7.1 mph.

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