Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Devil, Another Canyon, and a Cousin

After a frustrating night in Buffalo, Monday was a treat!  Though it started with a boring drive along I-90.  I exited the interstate at Moorcraft.  Destination - Devil's Tower.

Devil's Tower was the first National Monument.  Well known as the location in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  The monument is a short drive (or motorcycle ride) from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  You can circumnavigate the tower on a trail.  Climbing Devil's Tower has become popular (permit required).

Hit the South Dakota border and the rest area with information booth.  Picked up maps.  While stopped there, I called a cousin who is touring the area.  He and his wife are en route to Yellowstone.

I was going to just head to Keystone (my lodging for the night).  The sign of Spearfish Canyon scenic drive drew me.  Another scenic canyon.  The drive dropped me in Lead (old mining town - Homestake Mining Co). Saw a couple pf the Mickelson Trail trailheads that I had visited during Black Hills Fat Tire Festival.

Settled in the room and processed photos from the day.  Planning to meet my cousin in the evening.  I was getting hungry, to called him and said I was off for dinner,  He and his wife found me at BaRLee's Food & Drink.  Had a great evening talking at the bar.

Had a pretty good day! 

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