Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall in the Air

Yesterday was alonst perfect bike riding weather.  I got to the Wabash Trace trailhead about 2pm.  Sunny, low to mid 70s, with a light breeze from the South.  Not too bad for the last full day of Summer.

I had loaded the road bike on the rack on the car, heading for town.  Stopped in at the bike shop to get the battery changed in the bike computer.

At the trailhead, I saw a friends vehicle.  As I headed down the trailhead,  When we ride this route, we usually ride clockwise.  I thought about riding CCW, expecting to meet up with John.  But, that would mean that I would be riding against the wind on Indian Creek Trail.  I thought better, and did the normal CW ride around Lake Manawa.

A week ago. I noticed new signs along the trail in Lake Manawa State Park.  (More on this later)  As I approached Highway 92 and intersection with Veteran's Memorial Trail, there are new signs along the trail.  These are some nice signs directing riders to their desired trail.  (The upper photo shows my road bike at the new sign just South of the junction.)

The signs are a nice addition to the trail system.

When I got back to my car, my friend's vehicle was gone.  At coffee this morning, I found out that as expected, he was also riding clockwise on basically the same route.  Enough ahead of me that we had not met alone Mosquito Creek.

I have one (minor) issue with the signs in Lake Manawa State Park.  Along the trail, there is a sign directing to the Missouri River Access.  What is missing is another sign showing that in the area of the river access, there is also access to the mountain bike (singletrack) trail access.  (See the lower photo and my addition of the signpost)

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