Monday, September 2, 2013


Was planning to write this posting last evening, but had big issues with the wi-fi here in my motel.  I hope it stays connected enough that I can get it done this morning.

Sunday was the time to start heading towards home.  Early up and mostly packed in the room in Jackson,  Since I had not eaten any solid food Saturday, I started with a full breakfast at the Virginian. Good food, so=so service.  The server could not understand that I wanted my "go-cup" filled with ice and then topped with water - NOT filled with water with some ice in it.  Oh, well, there was some king of "local resident" discount.  I looked like an tourist, but was there when the restaurant opened.  Many she thought only locals would be in at 6:30.

Checking out of the motel, I stopped in downtown Jackson - scoped out goods for sale and stopped in at the visitors center.  Mostly had to use the rest room!  Headed North for Moran Junction.  Did my final "Good-bye" to Grand Teton, heading for Buffalo.

My route took me (on purpose) through Wind River Canyon (upper photo),  Had discovered this canyon during a trip to Yellowstone in the early 80s,  The canyon ends near Thermopolis, WY.  Did not remember the large hot spring at a state park there.

Up to Worland then East to Ten Sleep. This was my second scenic drive of the day.  US 16 through Ten Sleep Canyon was called the "Cloud Peak Skyway" (see lower photo). 

Found my motel in Buffalo (stopped in a convenience store for directions - they said they did not have a Days Inn in Buffalo!)  The motel had changed name in May.  Anyway - the frustrating evening started.

Could not get a reliable wi-fi connection from the room,  The staff at the motel was mostly worthless.  One person came to the room and verified the problem and rebooted the router. Never saw him later.

Waiting the router to re-boot, I was going to head to dinner at Winchesters (recommended by the desk clerk).  Winchester's Steakhouse was closed for 5 days - over Labor Day weekend!  Saw Bozeman Trail Steakhouse.  Like breakfast, the food was good but the service was lacking.

After dinner, the internet was in the same condition. Keep telling me there was not problem - even though I was having the same problem on my tablet and laptop.  Finally I gave up the internet and just processed my photos.

Calmed down and got some sleep.  Should get ready for the day, soon.  Devils' Tower and Black Hills today.

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