Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jackson Hole & Grand Teton NP

Got up early this morning - hoping to get so "golden hour" photos.  Cold morning (in the mid 30s) when I got up to Oxbow Bend Turnout in Grand Teton National Park. The sky was hazy (from the forest fires?)  Never got a clear line as the sun rose.

With the cold air, there was lots of fog over the Snake River.  I did not go over to Jackson Lake or Jenny Lake this morning - figured they would be fog-covered, too,  Back to the motel room hung out the "Do Not Disturb" sign and went back to sleep.

By a little after 10am, the air was heating up. There is a multi-use path running from the town of Jackson to the Moose Junction.  The path continues in the park - from Moose Junction to Jenny Lake Visitors Center.

I looked at the trail when i was driving yesterday.  There were a couple steep hills from Jackson to the Junction and another steep hill just leaving the junction.  Most of the rest of the trail in the Park is "flat".  Parked at the Windy Point Turnout.  Other folks starting or ending their rides at this spot.  Found out it is a popular place to unload the bikes.  From the turnout, its a 5.5 mile ride to Jenny Lake.

Not sure how far I would make it, but headed it toward Jemmy Lake. A little over 4 miles, the trail started a steady, gradual climb.  It was a little bit more for me with the altitude.  Headed back to the car.  Ended up with about 4.5 mile ride.  Got some photos for the web site and calendar.

Explored the back road from Moose Junction to Teton Village.  Back in Jackson picked up some G2 for hydration and napped. Spent the later part of the afternoon and early evening processing photos and posting them on facebook.  Not hungry, so will forgo dinner - have a big breakfast in the morning when I head for Buffalo.

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