Thursday, August 22, 2013

Across Montana

OK, I only wend 435 miles across Montana today.  Believe me, it was enough.  I was not tired (until I was getting 100 miles from my destination).  Except for 4 miles in Glendive, all was on 2-lane highways.  My route took me on 200S from Glendive to Circle, 13 to Wolf Point, and finally US 2 to Cut Bank.

Let be back up to this morning. I woke up early, so processed many of the photos from Theodore Roosevelt NP.  Where I did not have bracketed exposures, I was able to tone map the photos to bring out the details and colors better. Some of these photos were posted on my personal facebook page.

Montana 13 is also tagged as a scenic Big Sky Back County Byway.  The only "scenery" was wheat fields and grass.

I saw a lot of wheat fields and range land.  I noticed that there were about equal area of wheat and year-old wheat stubble (see upper photo).  Peaked my curiosity - why half planted in wheat?

It was a long drive on US 2.  At least it was broken up by little towns every 10 or so miles.  There are rest areas once in a while along the highway.  I stopped at one after about 2 1/2 hours on the road.  Needed to get out to use the facilities and stretch my legs.  At the rest area was a marker about the value of water on the Plains.  Similar or "Historic Places" scatted along US 2.

Lunch stop was at the Hitching Post cafe in Malta.  Another stop in Havre to gas the car and pick up some soda (afternoon caffeine).   Stopped a couple times on the road to take photos.

The lower photo is an abandoned grain elevator only US 2.  Numerous abandoned houses, schools, farms, and other building dot the landscape.

US 2 parallels the BNSF railroad.  Its a main line (and the Amtrak route) so the railroad was very busy.

Weather was nice for the drive.  Temperature low of upper 60s to high of mid 80s.  About bed time.  Tomorrow I get my first  view of Glacier Country and Glacier National Park.

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