Thursday, August 29, 2013

Altitude Sickness?

I think I have some altitude sickness,  Since arriving in West Yellowstone Tuesday, I have been at over 6000 ft.  Each day I call it a quit a little earlier.  Tired, short of breath, constant light headache. Even with my walking stick, I was not doing well.. 

Anyway - this morning, I hightailed it to Canyon.  Along the way there, I detoured through the one-way drive to take better photos of Virginia Cascades.  Success -  was able to stop on the road (nobody coming) and get the photos.

Today's tour was the South loop of the park.

First big photo shoot area this morning was Yellowstone Falls and the Canyon the the Yellowstone.  checked out and took photos on both sides of the river.  Got some good photos. (see here)

Stopped at Mud Volcano.  Took a couple photos of the thermal action there.  There are fires in this area of the park.  Another driver told me that all turn-outs South to Fishing Bridge was closed because of the fire.

By the time I got to Yellowstone Lake, it was past breakfast time.  Just got under the wire as breakfast at the Lake Lodge cafeteria closed at 10am.  Already, my knee and short of breath was getting to me

Debated, but eventually got out of the car and did a short walk (with my walking stick) at West Thumb Geyser Basin.  Thinking that I might walk more there tomorrow when I head South.

Stopped at Kepler Cascades.  It was right along the road near Old Faithful.  Speaking of Old Faithful, I was planning to stop there for photos and a walk.  But, by the time I was there, I would have parked a long way away from the geyser basin. 

There were a couple other of other places I wad thought about stopping - but they were busy, too.  Guess these will be other places to visit when I head south to the Grand Tetons and Jackson.

Processed all of the photos taken today.  Heath Blizzard this afternoon. No getting ready to pack up for being on the road in the morning.

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