Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Medicine

My last full day in Kalispell.  Muffin and coffee at the motel then an early start to drive along US 2 to East Glacier.  Took several photos along the road - mostly of the Middle Fork of Fladhead River.

About 8 miles from East Glacier I entered the Two Medicine section of Glacier National Park.  Photos of the lake and mountains.  Shopping at the general store.  In my guide book, I saw a short trail to a waterfall.

Altitude was not a problem here.  Grabbed my walking stick, bear spray, and camera.  Sign said it was 0.3 miles to Running Eagle Falls.  Was glad that I was able to get out for a short hike.Today's photo is of me at the fall.  Figured I had to post at least one photo of me - proof that I was really there!

When I got to East Glacier, I was getting hungry.  Stopped at the "Whistle Stop".  Had a very good omelet with polish sausage, onions, & peppers.  Could recommend the restaurant to anyone.

Stopped at the post office to send post cards and pick up more postcard stamps.  On US2 for the return trip.  Took a couple photos at Marias Pass.  Caught my eye because one of my train computer games has a route over Marias Pass!

Just West of there is the Izaak Walton Hotel.  The inn is at Essex - a station on the BNSF main line (and Amtrak).  Originally, it was planned to be at an entrance of Glacier National Park - that was not to be.

Original plans plans were to do some dirt riding after I got back to the motel.  But, It was a bit warm and I had lots of packing (and re-packing) before I head out for Yellowstone in the morning.

Topped off the day with Mexican food at Casa Mexico and a mug of Dos Equis. 

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