Friday, August 23, 2013

Scoping Out "Going to the Sun" road

Slept in as much as I could this morning.  still, I was on the road by 8am.  The motel "breakfast" did not have any hot food.  So had coffee and a packaged cinnamon roll.

With the start I had, I decided to head up to St, Mary to scope out the "Going to the Sun" road rather than drive US 2 to Kalispell.  On the way to St. Mary I kept an eye out for a place to eat breakfast.  There were non along the road until I arrived in St. Marys.

Got to St, Mary's at 9.  One place did not open until 10.  Other places had waiting lines.  So, I entered the park and started drive toward Logan Pass.  Stopped to take some photos on the drive.  The photo here is a tunnel on the "Going to the Sun" road up toward Logan Pass.

Traffic was bad at the pass Visitor Center, so just kept driving down toward Lake McDonald.  Missed the turn to the Apgar Visitors Center and before i realized it, I was exiting the park.  By now (11:30) I was getting hungry.  Gobbled up a patty melt and fries at the West Glacier Restaurant.

Back into the park to the Visitor Center to get books, post cards, and check on places to hike.  The ranger suggested getting up early and driving up to Logan Pass.  Nice, easy hike and there are still wild flowers at the pass.  Back in West Glacier Village, picked up walking stick (with bear bell), a cap, t-shirts, and a couple more post cards.

Still lots of time to do things in Kalispell.  Picked up a hydration bladder for my camera backpack.  Checked into the motel.  Moved bikes and other stuff into the room.  Then, got directions to Wheaton's Cycle (local Trek Dealer) from the motel.  Picked up an area trail map.

Talking with the desk clerk at the Motel.  Sky was a bit hazy, though the temperature was pleasant.  He said the haze is smoke from a forest fire about 2 hours to the South.  No wonder I smelled something - wondering if the car, brakes, or such were overheating  Hope we get clearer skies tomorrow.. 

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