Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Bike Ride and a National Park

It was a beautiful morning in Bismarck, ND.  After a cup of coffee, I headed to Pioneer Park for a bicycle ride before I leave town.  Rode the Pioneer Park Trail along the Missouri River.

Rode about 2 miles when the trail ended at Liberty Bridge (I-94B) over the Missouri.  The upper photo is my hybrid bike at the Liberty Bridge.  While the ride was only just over 4 miles, it felt great to exploring trails by bicycle.  Bismarck is rather proud of the 40+ miles of bicycle trails.

Stopped to chat with a local trail walker (with a Green Bay Packers cap!)  He expressed concerns regarding road construction and heavy truck traffic on the US 88 - the road up to Theodore Roosevelt NP, North unit.  He suggested passing on the drive up there.

When I got back to the room, it was time for breakfast and a shower.   Headed West on I-94 to Medora and the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Drove the scenic loop in the park, taking photos,  Thought I was shooting 3 bracketed exposures for HDR processing.  More about this later.

Stopped in at the visitor's Center and purchased some books and a cap.  Talked with the rangers about conditions along the road to the North unit.  They told me it was not that bad and that I had time to get up there and tour yet this afternoon.  So, I headed back East on I-94 to US85 and drove the 52 miles to the North unit.

There was just some spots of construction and no truck traffic to speek of that would slow me down.

Stopped and took photos most pull-outs on the North Unit Scenic Byway.  When I got the the far end, I was taking photos.  I noticed that the bracketing function was not functioning right.  I had been selecting the menu, and setting the EV window.  Then I would return to return to snapping frames.  WRONG!  I forget the step of pushing "set" after setting the exposure window.  Once I did that, I started getting true bracketed exposures.  The lower photo today was taking along the scenic byway on the North Unit.

Glad I discovered the problem before I got to Glacier NP.  Would hate to lose HDR exposures when I get there!

Gassed up at Exit 42 on I-94, treated myself to a Heath Blizzard, and headed to Glendive, MT.  Checked into the Days Inn.  Not happy that I was put up in a second floor rooom at the far end of the lobby, ice machine, and breakfast room.  Told the desk clerk, the should (like other places have) automatic put seniors close to everything.

Dinner at CC's Family Restaurant in Glendive (good burger, so-so service).  Back at the room, bike ride photos were processed as were the HDR exposures in the North Unit. 

Bed time -- was a busy day with a bicycle ride, touring both units of the TRNP, and about 450 miles driving.

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