Wednesday, August 28, 2013

North Loop of Yellowstone

Early start this morning - touring the North loop of Yellowstone National Park.  Temperature was 41 deg when I left West Yellowstone.

Walked some at one of the pools and another walk at Gibbons Falls.   Legs and knee were doing pretty good.  (Not 100%, but pretty good).  I took it easy as I had a long day ahead yet.

At Norris Geyser Basin - the walk was almost too much for me.  Wanted to get some good photos.  Did NOT walk down to the bottom of the basin.  But it was an effort to get back to the car.  Didn't help that I left my walking stick in the car.

By the time I arrived Mammoth Hot Springs, I was getting hungry.  Stopped at the Terrace Grill (fast food).  Needed some nourishment and coffee.  Back up to the Springs.  Drove the upper loop and did a short walk.

There was road construction in the Tower Falls area.  Almost passed on stopping there because the lot was full.  But, someone left, and I parked.  Started leaving the parking lot when remembered I forgot my walking stick.  Grabbed that and headed the path to the falls.  Only walked to the upper viewing deck.  That was enough by the time I got the the gift shop.  Did a little shopping and headed back on the road towards W. Yellowstone.

Drove the one-way road past Virginia Cascades -- not a good view angle form the road (without walking down the road a bit).  My legs would not handle that.

Back in West Yellowstone, I did some more shopping, early dinner at the  Outpost Restaurant.  From there, Gas up the car and stop in the grocery store for sports drinks.  Finally, back in my motel.  Body is exhausted and my legs are sore.

Got my photos processed. Today's photo is of a moose (or were they elk?) family in Madison River.  Now off to bed!

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