Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recover, Re-coop, and Recalibrate

Today really was an eclectic day.  Slept in, and had coffee & muffins at the motel.  Did some sorting in the room (though it does not look like it now!)  Promised myself a bicycle ride.

Not to often I could do what I did this morning - ride to my ride.  Left the car packed and rode out from my motel.  Plotted out a route from the motel to the bicycle trail.  Rode the trail that mostly parallels Alternate US 93.

When I reached 5.5 miles, it seemed to be a good place to turn around and head back.  Met a couple ladies on the trail - one on a bicycle, the other on a "strider" - elliptical machine on wheels.

Drove up to Whitefish to tour the town and have lunch.  The downtown was very busy - not convenient parking places.  So headed back to Kalispell.  Found Moose's Saloon (recommended with Dale T.)  Had 2 glasses of the local amber ale - Yard Sale.  Hey - Moose's == only the home page of your web site loads!  Others are "404-File Not found".

Napped for a little over an hour, then headed to Lakeside for a sunset cruise on Far West Boat Tours.  Met lots of folks from all over the country.  Has some excitement when we turned to cross the lake or turn back (not sure - could not understand the Captain in the loudspeaker).  Anyway - we got away from the shore and a squall kicked up.  The wind was blowing the deck chairs around - most of us where on the open upped deck.

Soon the wind was followed with rain and lightning.By then, I (and most of the others) moved to the inside space on the lower deck.  Still was an enjoyable way to end the day.  Now about bed time.

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