Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 2 at Glacier National Park

Did not get a very good start of the day.  Was out of the room a little later than I planned.  Asked at the motel office for a place for a full breakfast.  Finnigans was the recommendation - and it would be open 24 hours.  Got to the restaurant at 6:30.  Alas, the hours posted on the door are shows opening at 7am.

Was about to turn back to the car to find someplace else, when the server called me, that they were open - just a little early.  Found out the  resaurant WAS open 24 hours - but they are trying to sell the place and cut backed on the hours.  Anyway, had a good breakfast.

By the time I got to Hungry Horse (yes - that's the name of the town) I had an alarm saying that my LR tire was low.  Thought about not worrying about it, but I have a long drive and not sure where I might to find a place to make repairs later Saturday or Sunday.  Found a tire dealer that had just opened.  Was a rock/stone in the tire.  Tire patched.

I was hoping that all this had not made me too late to secure a parking spot at Logan's Pass.  Didn't stop to take photos until I got to the pass.

Last night I loaded the Canon T1i into the backpack as a spare camera.  Grabbed the new Canon 60D to hang over my neck.  When I went to shoot my first photo of the day, I got a "Dust Delete Data" erron on the camera.  No idea how to clear the message.  But, I could take single frame photos - just could not change anything except ISO.  My sulution (for now) was swap the 18-200mm lens onto the T1i.  Put the macro lens on the 60d (for wildflowers).  Used the T1i most of the day.

Was planning to talk the 1.5 miles to Hidden Lake Overlook.  But, once I got to the visitor center and started walking around - I would not be able to do the hike.  To high altitude from me in my current condition.  I walked around the visitor center nature trail.

Talking with the ranger, helping me decide to drive on to St. Mary and up to Many Glaciers section of the park. Was about an hour later when I arrived at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.  No parking there, so checked at the Many Glaciers Hotel.  Was able to pack there and shoot a couple photos.

Not many glaciers up on the mountains.  Climate change has been melting the park's namesakes - Glaciers.

Boring and frustrating drive back across "Going to the Sun" road.  Motorcycles passing willy-nilly or folks that are not familiar with driving mountain roads.  Not planning to drive that road again duriing this trip.  Three times over the 50 miles road is enough.

Found a DQ on US2 in Columbia Falls, enjoyed at Heath Blizzard.  Was thinking of scoping out Whitefish this evening - but just too tired,

One basic problem staying in Kalispell - the sun was on the wrong direction most  times driving.  Into the sun - mornings east-bound and west-bound in the afternoon.  just not reasonable lodging on the East side of the Park.

Today's photos:  Upper - Logan Pass,   Middle - Many Glaciers Hotel,   Lower - Going to the Sun Road.

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