Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the Road Again

On the way heading to Glacier National Park.  As usual, I could not sleep last night.  Finally got up a little after 3 am and finished my packing.  Was on the road about 4:30.

Once I got past Sioux City, things get pretty sparse on I-29.   Found a place for breakfast south of Sioux Falls. Past Sioux Falls, it was even more desolate.

On top of that, around Sioux Falls I encountered FOG!  At one rest area, I asked a maintenance person there - any idea how far the fod goes.  She said, "while T did not know about today's fog, if if develops, its usually from Sioux Falls to Watertown".  Sure as hell, as I passed Watertown, the fog was lifting.

While it was foggy, the temperature was in the upper 60s.  As the sky cleared, the temperature raised.  Once I was past Fargo and heading West on I-94, the thermometer on the car headed to the upper 90s!  Eventually it hit the 101 mark (see photo).  Thankfully, there was a good breeze and it was dry (not the humidity back home).

All the way from Sioux City, Iowa to Fargo, ND and to Bismarck, ND - I was surprised of the few services along the interstate.  Most interchanges were "no services".  Twice, I crossed the "Continental Divide" (at that's what signs said).  The second time I caught the altitude - 1490 feet!  Had no idea the divide was in the area.

Did a little shopping in Bismarck.  Had 2 pints of Fat Tire and a pizza in the lounge at the hotel. 

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