Friday, August 30, 2013

West Yellowstone to Jackson

On the move again.  Up early this morning for breakfast (was at the Outpost Restaurant when they opened).  Back to the motel to finish packing the car and get the bicycles on the rack.  Wanted an early start to be at Old Faithful before it got crowded.

Just past Madison Junction, I took the one-way road up Firehole Canyon.  Had noticed this driving yesterday.  Good scenery on the drive - including Firehole Falls.

Could have stopped at some of the thermal features alone the way to Old Faithful, but did not to walk too much before getting to the geyser.  Parked at the General Store,  Found out the next expected eruption is in just of 30 minutes.  Did some shopping before walking to the viewing area.  Was a little frustrated with the service at the General Store - lines for cashiers and/or cashiers heading off suddenly to do what-ever.

Old Faithful did not disappoint.  Got several good photos during the eruption.  Back on the road heading toward Grand Teton.  Before I exited Yellowstone, we were treated to another falls -- Lewis Falls. (lower photos)

When I got into the Grand Teton NP, I stopped at Colter Bay Visitors Center.  Short chat with the ranger and got a park map.  Stopped many times at turn-outs to take photos of the mountains.  Gave me a good "lay ot the land".

Lots of bicycle riding options put here.  Most of the valley ("hole") is mostly flat.  Bicycle lanes in town.  There's a bicycle trail that follows the highway to Moose Junction.  From there, a park bicycle trail continues to Jenny Lake Visitors Center.  I am thinking I may check out the trail from Taggert Lake trailhead and north.

Processed most of my photos.  Will have to use a different process for those at Old Faithful.  All of the spraying water makes the photos look unrealistic.  Got some awesome ones of the Grand Tetons.

Sent an message to the photographer living here - we were supposed to meet.  Alas, He is in Yellowstone at old Faithful (did not tell me).  I figured it was too good to be true - having a local to showing me the hidden places to photograph.

Stretched out on the bed and started looking for a place for food.  Ended up selecting The Lift - neat the town ski lift area.  Almost passed on eating there because the parking lot was full.  I drove down a couple blocks and came back to the restaurant.  Was a couple leaving and I took their spot.

Good burger, cross-cut fries and a pint.  Selected the Grand Teton Amber Ale brewed in Idaho.  Glad I was able to find the place and get a parking space.  The food and beer were great.

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