Sunday, October 8, 2017

Frustrating Morning

Up almost all night, waiting to head to my shift at the Balloon Fiesta.  Left the house almost 30 minutes ealier so I was no rushed at breakfast.  Breakfast was again at IHOP on Unser in Rio Rancho.

It took forever waiting for my food to arrive.  To add insult to injury, it was cold.  My pancakes did not melt the butter! A couple in the booth next mine had the same complaint.  On top of that, the were some king of error in my bill - yesterday morning breakfast was supposed to be about 30 cents more than this morning, yet my tab came up to almost a dollar higher this morning!

Traffic this morning entering the park was a breeze - drove right in and parked next to the gate. Gates opened about 4:15 and went into our tent.  And there I waited.  There supposed to be 2 more people on the shift.  Eventually, they showed up about 6am, about the time we were supposed to open our exhibit.  Then, they spent over an hour getting the flex radio running.

I found at that the function chair told the 3 others to arrive at 6am - opening time, not leaving set-up to be done after we were already open!  I was so frustrated, I headed out to shoot photos of Dawn Patrol. (above)

The morning was awesome for photos.  The winds were bringing the balloons overhead, and many crossing in front of the just past full moon. (photo on the right)

Same is yesterday morning, once the balloons were in the air, the crowds started walking through our tent.  2-3 of us were kept fairly busy talking with folks. The other person was busy making contacts.  A friend of mine from the Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association stopped by to say "hi". 

By the time we were closing up for the morning, I was exhausted.  There were 2 of us (me and one other" from our club, the other two locals, but not members of HDARC.  I held in my comments until I had a chance to talk to the other member.Was still fuming when I got home.  Talked with the committee co-chair (a friend of mine) to vent.  Told him that I will wrote a note to the chairman later when I was rested and cooled off.

Made up a stiff drink, and fell asleep.  Next shift I will be working is Wednesday morning.

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