Thursday, September 30, 2010

And still rising

Another beautiful day in the Heartland. Breeze from the North, wall-to-wall sunshine, temperature in the 70s. Headed out from the Wabash Trace Trailhead on the road bike.

Rode over to Lake Manawa to check out the Missouri River water level. Not surprising (yet disappointed) I saw that the river was even higher today (Thursday) than it was yesterday. Compare today's photo to the one taken yesterday!

Hopefully, any rains to the North over the next week will be light. While forecast for the Omaha area is no rain for the next week, there may be storms North. We need lots of drying weather.

So far, the water is not over the road. Luckily, the trail section we (THOR) are planning to use on the 9th is well above the river level.

On over the the Trail Center. Feeling good, so decided to continue on to make a tour around the city. By the time I got up to Big Lake, my legs were a bit tired. Glad I will have the wind from my back most of the rest of my ride. Big Lake was my refreshment break.

Another stop at the new bike shop to see how they were progressing. Tomorrow is opening of the new shop at 33 S. Main St.

Still had legs left as I climbed Harry Langdon and Woodbury. Ended up with just short of 25 miles in just over 2 hours riding time. So far 80 miles this week, want to try to top the 100 miles tomorrow.

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