Sunday, September 5, 2010

Checking the Trails

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Sunny, 70's, breeze from the South. Actually waited for it to get warm before riding - was 45 when I headed to town for breakfast.

The first place I wanted to check out was the Lake Manawa mountain bike trails. There are being trail days scheduled for Manawa. I missed the work day least Thursday (already had other plans).

Getting on the Lake Manawa trail I noticed the trail surface had been seal-coated. Been long enough that it was not sticky (thankfully).

The water is slowly receding. Still flooding at the exit of the longer loop (see photo). The THOR Trail Leader for Manawa is mowing - saw that in the Kiosk area. Trail Days are planned for this week. Planning to attend. May scope out the trail conditions beforehand.

On over to the Trail Center. Indian Creek trail also has been seal-coated.

Iowa Riverfront Trail behind the Western Historic Trails Center is now clear (see lower photo). Water is down and the trees have been cleared. Rode that trail as far as I-80.

Stopped at the Trails Center and visited with the staff, drank my G2, ate a granola bar and headed back to the bike shop.

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