Monday, September 13, 2010

Wabash Trace Update

Yesterday I rode on the Wabash Trace to check on the paving efforts.

One of my sources had said the barricade across the trail north of Silver City was still up but folks are bypassing it. Some shouldering was accomplished this past week.

The dirt that is being used for shouldering appears to have a high content of clay. From experience - it is very slippery and sticky. I hope there are plans to sweep the pavement when construction is completed. There top photo here shows the dirt over the trail surface.

Shouldering still needs completion through town. When I headed south toward Malvern, I noticed the barricade at the south end of Silver City was down. Not removed, but down, moved to open half the width of the trail.

Since the contractor has not yet completed work in Silver City, I was pretty sure there would NOT be any barricades up yet in Malvern. That was the case as I rode over Jahnke Ave and Keys Ave - no barricades or construction work.

Previous information I received showed construction on the Malvern section of the Trace should start today (9/13).

I rode through Malvern to Marh Ave. On the back in town I stopped to take the lower photo showing the trail through town before paving. I hope the new pavement stands up with the abuse. As I came into Malvern a pick-up drove down the Trace as a short-cut in town. With what I have witnessed, it seems some folks in Malvern use the Trace as an alley or driveway.

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