Thursday, September 30, 2010

Riding Weather

Looks like we are getting some decent weather, finally. No rain in the forecast for all week.

I needed the day off Monday - relaxed at home. Tuesday it was to ride my version of the Tour de Bluffs. Started from the old bike shop (OBS).

Stopped by Western Historic Trails Center. With the river up, was concerned if the Iowa Riverfront Trail might be flooded behind the trail Center. The told me it was not - which was the case when I rode there.

On past the Casinos. There is some river water is invading the parking lots of the casinos. Recommend parking in the garage until the river is back down.

Stopped at Big Lake for refreshments and a break. On down N 8th to downtown. Stopped at the new Xtreme Wheels location. Took a photo of the road bike in fron of the new shop. Helped them move a couple things into the new location.

On around past the Mall and back to the OBS. Great, relaxing 24 miles ride.

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