Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Day On Conifer

Yesterday was the last day the Xtreme Wheels was open on Conifer Ln. They are moving to their new digs at 33 S. Main St. in Council Bluffs. I spend a couple hours helping them move stuff to the new location. (Thanks for lunch, Blaine)

The bike shop will be closed for most of the week as they move. They will open
again Friday (I understand). Stop by to check out their new shop.

I had brought my "Rail Super T" with me. Needed a short ride wit the weather so good. Changed clothes and headed out from the old bike shop. At 4:30 the sky was clear, basically no wind, temperature in the upper 60s. Perfect riding weather.

Rode over to Indian Creek. The news this morning reports the flooding in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Storms last week hit Sioux Falls, SD to Madison, WI with 10+ inches of rain! Sioux Falls water flows right down to the Missouri and through Omaha/Council Bluffs.

On the way back, stopped by the river to check the river level and trail condition. The Missouri River level is back up. That means the mountain bike trails at Lake Manawa are once again under water.

Back on the bike shop, logged in my 12 mile ride and headed home. When I got home, I was really tired. Made a peanut butter and whole grain bread sandwich and crashed into bed. Very tired, sore legs, feeling GREAT! Other than moving to stretch my legs, I slept like a log.

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