Friday, January 27, 2012


Starting to get settled into the room. A couple items got checked off Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Stocked supplies for the room. Stopped at a local bike shop for a bike map. Most of the car cleared out.

Bikw Works is only about 4 blocks from my hotel. They had the map and Chamois Butt's. Next week they should have the tub of the "Euro" style version. Word is that sections of the Foothill Trails may be soft from the recent precipitation. They suggested a pavement ride.

While it was a bit cool in the morning (shorts and sweatshirt weather) temp was climbing. By noon, it was over 50 with a bright sun.


Put the hybrid on the rack and drove ocer to the Montano trailhead along the river. Rode the Paseo del Bosque South from Montano Rd. I had ridden to Central Ave. The ride south past there was new for me.

There is a nice park with lakes, sculptures, and landscaping near the narrow gauge railroad. The trail is along the park and railroad. It continues south through an industrial area.

The trail turned away from the roads, staying along a diversion channel. When I reached 8.5 miles, and there was just a long straight way ahead, it was time to turn back.

While I took some photos on the ride. With the sun to my back, I took more photos on the return. Today's photo is of a bench, sign, and bike sculpture along the trail. In the background is the narrow gauge tourist railroad.

When back to the room, I unloaded the bike and crashed into bed.

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