Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flood Aftermath

Fifties and sunny in January - I'll take it! A little cooler yesterday. I could not pass up the opportunities to ride my bike.

Yesterday was the first ride for 2012. I was not up to par - my heart monitor was giving me high readings. I took it easy and rode 9 miles. It was about 45 degrees with filtered sunshine. Glad I wore my extra layer of sweatshirt and heavy tights.

Today it was about 55 when I headed out to ride, with full (for January) sun. Was gonna wear light tights, but they felt too warm. Decided to try the leggings I purchased for last winter.

They were just the trick for the temperature. Being the first time I tried leggings, I was not sure if they go over or under the short-bibs. I started with the leggings over the shorts.

Within 2 miles riding, the leggings were starting to slip down my leg. Stopped along the trail and pulled up the legs of the bibs, lulled the leggings up, and then brought the legs of the bibs back over the leggings. I rode another 10+ miles without issue. Though I did not need to, about 3 miles from the end of my ride I re-adjusted the leggings.

Now, I know what it LOOKS like guys are wearing shorts over tights -- its leggings!

Now, as for the ride it self - I rode from the Wabash Trace Trailhead or to I-80 behind the Trails Center. I wanted to see what looked like since the flood. I had seen photos, wanted to see for myself.

Not sure who all worked on clearing the mess - but they have done an awesome job. Thanks for your efforts!

The trees near the lower section near the levee have been desecrated. Looks like a tornado went through the area - trees every which way. (upper photo)

At the benches along the trail, I could see the sand dunes that were deposited during the flood jutting into the pond. They must have been sand bars some 6 feet thick! (see lower photo)

Stopped in to the Trails Center to sign the visitor's register. Jam and Bread was just getting going, so kept my visit short. Picked up a flier for "Xtreme Winterfest" bike ride - being held Saturday morning.

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Renay said...

It's kinda scary and amazing to see the effects of the flood in places like that, no? To see the damage the water can do to the trees... it's no wonder homes and property get roughed up during disasters like this.

-Renay Milman