Friday, January 27, 2012

Volcanoes at Petroglyph National Monument

When I stuck the door of my room this morning, the sun was shining. Just could not get moving. Thought about ride a bike - check out the trail near the hotel. I was a bit windy, to decided to check out the Volcanoes day use area at Petroglyph National Monument.

This area is at Exit 149 of I-40 and a couple miles North. It was a bit breezy out on the plains. Didn't seem too bad so walked the 1/2 mile to the JA Volcano and the valley vista shelter.

Mountain bike trail web sites had mentioned trails in the area. But, being it a National Monument, I was not sure. Sign at the trailhead showed that bikes are allowed. As I walked, I was thinking how much easier it would be to ride the trail to tak photos.

I did not stay much time at the volcano. The wind was strong from the NW - and a bit brisk and biting. Besides, it gives me a reason to return with my trail bike to explore more of the trails there.

The photo on this post shows the trail to Black Volcano as viewed from the trail to the valley vista.

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