Saturday, January 28, 2012

North Diversion Channel Trail

Time to explore.

Later breakfast at Village Inn. Another sunny day - into the 40s at noon. Exchanged e-mails with my cousin. We decided on a brunch and bike ride tomorrow 11am-ish. It did not take much time for me to decide to check out the North Diversion Channel trail.

It was a 4 block ride on city streets to get from my hotel to the trail. Surprising, traffic was light. I was concerned as I had to ride a 6-lane (3 in each direction) boulevard.

I started North on the trail. A couple times I stopped to look at my Albuquerque Bicycle Map. Set my goal as riding to the Balloon Fiesta Park.

Had a good ride to the park. With the sun at my back, took most of my photos riding to the park. The photo with this post shows one of the many bridges over channels that feed into the main channel.

I did not pay attention of the slope and wind. When I started riding back South, I found that I was riding into the wind. Glad it was not very strong. Adding to the wind, I saw that feeder channels dropped water against the direction I am traveling. So, any slope of the channel was against me - I was riding up hill!

A good ride, though I could have used an extra layer on the arms and core. The bright sun fooled me - not so warm when out in the open.

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