Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rio Grande Riverside Trail

Yesterday was a day off the bike. My body needed it. But back on the bike today - I HAD to ride today.

Why, you ask? It was the last day of January and I needed 10.5 miles to break 100 miles for the month (and year-to-date). I decided to continued to explore the trail along the Rio Grange River.

The trail is called the Paseo del Bosque to the Riverside Trail. I parked my car at the Central Ave trailhead. The goal was to complete the trail South from Central Ave.

For almost 7 miles, the trail follow the river. At that point, the trail turns left (East) and is along the South Diversion Channel. The channel arcs to the North. At Bridge St, the trail turns left along the south side of Rio Bravo Blvd.

This took me back to the Riverside Trail. At this time, I was at 11 miles into my ride. It was 5 miles back to Central Ave.

While it was warm (57 degrees) it was a bit chilly because it had been a cloudy day. Back at the room, it was laundry time -- needed to wash my cycling kits.

Today's photo shows my hybrid bike at the junction of South Diversion Channel and a sice channel (the concrete rivers).

OH - and I met my goal. 106 miles year-to-date.

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