Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shout-Out to Office Depot #581

Saturday morning I was out shopping for tablet computers. Something I could bring on my bicycle for a day trip. Had been talking with a sales associate at Best Buy in Council Bluffs, IA.

It was my impression that they were expecting in Asus tablets with 32 GB storage, Android 4.0 and a new Quad-core processor. I drove to the Albuquerque Best Buy at 55 Hotel Circle.

I was there, in the computer section near the tablets, for over a half hour. I still had not been able to talk with a sales associate. I only saw one associate in the computer area of the stor.

As i left the store, I complained the associate are the door. All I got was a "sorry".

Found an Office Depot (had shopped paper there last year when in town). When I found the tablets, a sales associate quickly came to me to answer my questions. He has one of the Asus tablets that I was looking at.

He was not aware of any new Asus tablets until May or so. With that, I was gonna buy the current model which they have a a good price. As he was getting my table, he talked with another associate and found out that indeed, there would be a new Asus tablet expected in about a month. Gave me the name of the new tablet.

The shout-out because he could have sold me the older model. I might have found out the error (had i purchased the tablet). I might have been happy with the tablet. Then again i might had cussed the associate for selling me a device was not what i wanted.

Thanks for giving me the info I was looking for and not just a sale.

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