Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Brisk Ride

Another good riding day (for February). Sunshine and in the low 40s. The only issue was a brisk wind from the SSW. I parked at the Wabash Trace Trailhead, heading for Lake Manawa.

Most of the trail surface is clear, just a couple small ice patches under the interstate. the tunnel under the railroad was mostly dry! But I am getting ahead of me. The ride almong Mosquito Creek was rough - a blustery head wind. Felt good to turn to the West at the pumping station.

The Council Bluffs has been doing a great job clearing the trail. Today's photo shows one of the more snowy section of the trail along the Lake Manawa Road.

Rode on down to the river boat landing. Several folks walking their dogs and fishing on the bank. One over to the Indian Creek bridge. Joe (XW customer) passed me as I was taking a photo. He stopped on the bridge and we spent some time visiting.

My original plan was to ride to the Trails Center or at least around Lake Manawa. But I did not want to face the wind again. Turned around at the bridge and headed back to the car.

Rode the Nature Trail to add distance to the ride and check the trail. One short section of the trail is snow and ice covered. All-in-all a good ride. Ended up with 19 miles, taking me to 140 miles for the year. OH - I rode the road bike today. Didn't want the bike to get lonely. Felt good to have the speed of the road bike with the head wind.

Some rain is forecast for tomorrow. Most of the rest of the week should be mostly sunny with highs in the low to mid 40s. Hoping to log more miles this week.

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strat said...

Just like smooth sailing!
greg herlean