Friday, February 17, 2012

Home, Lost Week, Back on the Bike

Last Thursday evening I got home. Felt pretty good on the long driving day. Made some time to attend my fraternity alumni luncheon and THOR annual meeting over the weekend.

Did lots of nothing most of the week - wasted time playing "Locomotion". Checking at at Xtreme Wheels, visiting with Blaine. Back to normal coffee schedule. Today I was heading for another lost day when Zack (Xtreme Wheels) called me.

He was calling to welcome me back home, wondered when I would be in the shop, and was I riding today. It was a nice day, no (or at light) breeze, and bright sunshine. OK, kitted up for a ride abd grabbed the hybrid.

Rear tire valve was plugged (with dirt & slime?). Stopped at the bike shop to clear the valve and check the tires. While Zack had the bike on the stand, asked him to tighten up the pedal cleats - has been slipping out too easily. Thanks, Zack - I owe you.

Wanted to check the trail on the North end of Council Bluffs. Parked at Big Lake and headed South on the Riverfront Trail. Took it easy, checking out the scenery. Noticed my heart rate was slow (must be all the air from the lower altitude).

As I neared the curve before the Bob Bridge, the trail was blocked (see photo). Looks like they the city/Corp reworking something at a pumping station. There is not any convenient route or bypass. There if a work-road down the street level, but that has a gate and cable across the access. Can't walk the bike over the construction area as it is blocked with chain-link fence.

i had planned to ride down to the Western Historic Trails Center -- but with the closed trail, I just headed back to the car. Stopped at the bike shop again - short visits with Joe and Zack.

Thanks, Zack, for getting me back on the bike!

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